PDA Scores A Legislative Victory as Session Wraps Up

PDA took the lead in a health care provider coalition lobbying for HB 2241, legislation limiting the timeframe in which insurers may retroactively review and deny claims to 24 months, with some exceptions.  Current law allows insurers an indefinite amount of time to demand providers repay previously paid claims. We are happy to report that the General Assembly passed HB 2241 on its last day of session this year and that it will be sent to the Governor for his signature. The coalition has assurances from the Administration that the Governor will sign and enact this legislation; once doing so, the law becomes effective in 60 days.  We will notify members when Governor Wolf signs HB 2241 and we know the effective date. 

Passing this meaningful insurance reform wasn’t easy. It took many years in which PDA provided testimony and data to the legislature, participated in stakeholder meetings with other health care provider groups, insurers and the legislators, and cultivated support from leaders in the House and Senate to “move” the bill. Our collective work paid off due to efforts made by staff, lobbyists and volunteer members. Many thanks to those of you who responded to PDA’s action alerts requesting that you contact your Representative and Senator. Passage of HB 2241 illustrates how advocacy through organized dentistry pays off--helping you maintain a viable dental practice!