PDA’s Goals

PDA is the premier dental organization at the forefront of legislative initiatives to improve the dental practice environment in Pennsylvania for both dentists and patients. The legislative session, which commenced in January 2017, allows PDA two years in which to advocate on members’ behalf for these important insurance reforms, and scope of practice and access to care initiatives:
  • Assignment of benefits
  • Health practitioner student loan forgiveness and tangential loan mitigation issues.
  • Increased funding in the Medical Assistance program for dental providers.
While PDA takes a focused approach in limiting its primary advocacy efforts to these three issues, we will monitor and address these issues on an as-needed basis:
  • Maintaining funding for the Donated Dental Services program.
  • Prescription drug prescribing authority, abuse and patient monitoring.
  • Protecting the current dental team model and patients’ safety by limiting or restricting the unsupervised practice of non-dentists.
  • Al other workforce and scope of practice issues.
  • Supporting programs and policies aimed at improving oral health. 
  • Representing dentistry’s interests on issues pertaining to the Affordable Care Act.
  • All insurance issues, such as balance billing, coordination of benefits and credentialing.

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