State Board of Dentistry
Regulatory Issues

PDA actively follows the progression of dental laws and regulations proposed and finalized by the State Board of Dentistry (SBOD). Whether SBOD is discussing regulations for continuing education (CE) requirements or the scope of practice for expanded function dental assistants and dental hygienists, PDA develops positions on behalf of dentistry on regulatory issues that are then conveyed to SBOD before regulations are finalized.

PDA keeps members up to date on proposed regulations via the Pennsylvania Dental Journal, PDA's official publication. Additionally, PDA staff and member dentists attend every SBOD meeting, and members often offer testimony regarding issues before the board. By attending these meetings, PDA staff and members ensure that the views and opinions of Pennsylvania dentist are heard on issues affecting dental practice, such as the interpretation of state laws and CE requirements.

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Quick Tips: Anesthesia permit holders
Quick Tips: Dental hygienist scope of practice and supervision
Quick Tips: Maintaining patient records
Quick Tips: Unprofessional conduct
Quick Tips: OSHA
Quick Tips: Radiology
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SBOD Meeting Dates & Meeting Summaries
View upcoming meeting dates and review summaries of past meetings.

PDHDP Site Locations
The Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association (PDHA), requested that the SBOD consider adding the following practice locations to the regulated settings: 1) private settings of hospice and home-bound patients; 2) primary care settings, including pediatric settings; and, 3) childcare settings.
Dental Practice Ownership
PDA submits comments to SBOD committee tasked with studying issues related to dental practice ownership. The committee will soon determine whether SBOD should promulgate regulations addressing various ownership issues.

SBOD Now Accepts Other Licensure Examinations
SBOD requested input from the dental community on its draft regulations to change the current requirements for dentists and hygienists seeking licensure in Pennsylvania

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