Display and Classified
Advertising Opportunities in
the Pennsylvania Dental Journal

The Pennsylvania Dental Journal is the best means of reaching the dental professional in Pennsylvania. Its unique demographics will enable you to make the most of your advertising budget. Costing only pennies per contact, the Journal is the most cost-effective means of reaching your target audience to promote dental products and services. In fact, in our most recent readership survey 81 percent of the respondents said they look at the Journal’s display advertising, and 53 percent of them used the products and services promoted in the display ads.

Display Advertising

The Pennsylvania Dental Association invites advertising in the Pennsylvania Dental Journal from product manufacturers and other businesses and organizations serving the dental profession. Such advertising should be factual and professionally dignified, avoiding the use of exaggerated claims. Advertising that is false, deceptive, or misleading is subject to restraint. The Pennsylvania Dental Association reserves the right to reject any advertising that it believes may be incompatible with policies and/or principles of the association. 

Display advertising space must be reserved two months prior to publication of each issue. (For example, ads for the January/February issue are due by November 1.) No cancellations are accepted after the closing date. Completed display advertising contracts should be sent to Rob Pugliese, director of communications, by the closing date. They can be faxed to (717) 234-2186 or mailed to Rob’s attention at P.O. Box 3341, Harrisburg, PA 17105.

Electronic formats are preferred. Please submit ads in either a high resolution PDF file, on a CD containing the InDesign file with all supporting images and fonts, or a CD containing an Adobe Illustrator EPS with all supporting images and fonts. Each option must include an actual size proof. Camera-ready artwork or right-reading (emulsion down) offset negatives also are accepted. Halftones must be no more than 150-line screen. Negatives for color ads should include register marks and should be accompanied by a color proof. An additional 25 percent will be charged for ad design. Please download and review the display advertising specifications before completing your display advertising contract.

Downloadable PDF files:

Classified Advertising

Journal classified ads also are posted to the website, unless otherwise requested. Learn how to place a classified and review ad rates