For assistance with any of the benefits listed below, please contact PDA's membership department at (717) 234-5941.

IRS Audit Information

As a result of a random IRS audit of one of our local dental societies, we have developed some guidelines for all of our component societies to follow.

District/Local Presentation

PDA offers more than 10 different programs available for your next local meeting. The majority of these presentations are free of charge and some even include CE credits. PDA requires a minimum of 30 days notice to present at your district and local meeting.

Membership Advertisements

If your society publishes a newsletter or journal for your membership, consider reinforcing the power of membership by using our complimentary advertisements to fill any extra, empty ad space you may have. PDA also is happy to create a personalized ad for your component, using specific individuals per your selection, all free of charge.

Private Group on the PDA Social Network

Each district and local society has the opportunity to have its own "group" on the social network. Groups are linked to the PDA member database, so only your local society members will be included in the group. Some features of private groups are:

  • The ability to mass email all of your members (with current email addresses) through one main customizable email address, for example:
  • Discussion forums where your members can communicate with one another on specific local issues.
  • A private library, for posting meeting materials or other resources for your members.
  • A group directory showing a complete listing of group members.

Event Resource Center

If you are planning a meeting, CE course or social event, the Event Resource Center provides you with a guide to planning the event, as well as a plethora of templates and other resources for you to use.

Day on the Hill Transportation Funding 

Consider renting a bus or van for your interested members to travel to Harrisburg for PDA’s Day on the Hill, and PDA will help pick up the tab. Please contact Marisa Swarney at (800) 223-0016 for more information about PDA’s financial assistance to district and local dental societies. Thank you in advance for you efforts to promote PDA's advocacy goals!

Sample Letters

PDA offers are wide variety of sample letters to assist you with providing the best customer service to your members. Samples include a welcome letter, thank you for renewing letter and a sample member survey.

Recruitment and Retention Reference Manual

This is a helpful guide for local society volunteers interested in focusing on recruitment and retention. It includes a list of general recommendations and also provides specific recruitment and retention ideas and timeframes.

Logo Creation or Redesign

Does your society logo need to be freshened up? Or perhaps there is no logo to begin with? If so, PDA’s talented staff of graphic designers is available to refresh your logo or create a new one from scratch at no charge. Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion.

Quarterly Membership Roster

PDA provides each component society with an up-to-date membership roster on March 30, June 30, September 30 and December 30 yearly. The list is sent to each component secretary, unless another person has been designated.

Society Resources

This bimonthly email sent to all component presidents and secretaries provides reminders and tips about component benefits offered by PDA.