PDA has created the following resources to assist you with planning events for your component. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the resource list below, please contact PDA's membership department at (717) 234-5941.

Event Implementation Template

This helpful resource guides you through the process of scheduling an event, from start to finish.

Guide to Social Events

Thinking of holding a purely social event for your component society? This helpful document has suggestions and tips for making it a success!

Creating a Cordial Atmosphere

Tips on creating a welcoming environment for new members, new dentists and non-members at your next event.

Communicating with the Next Generation of Dentists

Tips to make your interactions with dental students and new dentists memorable, meaningful and successful.

Calling Volunteers

Need additional volunteers to help with an upcoming event? Or perhaps within your society in general? This is a helpful guide to contacting potential volunteers.


A great way to promote your event is by sending out an eye catching flyer to your membership or distributing flyers at your regular business meetings! Here are a few samples for you to choose from: Wine Tasting ReceptionNew Member ReceptionFamily PicnicBallgame. These flyers have been designed in Microsoft Word for easy editing and can be printed in color or black and white.

Call Script

Having volunteers make a few phone calls to offer a personal invitation can only boost your attendance. Providing volunteers with a list of individuals to call and this handy call script makes volunteering a little easier.

Name Badges

It’s much easier to greet a person you don’t know when they are wearing a name badge. Badges help make everyone feel more comfortable and provide an easy way to begin interaction.

Food Tent Cards

Food sensitivity and allergies are becoming increasingly common. In addition, many individuals have dietary restrictions. If you have a buffet, it is helpful to display tent cards for each food item you are serving to make it easier for these individuals to serve themselves. Often the venue will provide tent cards, but it is good to have a back up just in case.

Handouts at Event

Having information to share with your event guests is an important piece to every successful event. While you don’t want to bombard them with too much information, you also want it available, at their fingertips, should they ask for it. Literature also is a great conversation starter. Download and print the various legislative handouts’s below, or contact PDA at (717) 234-5941 and ask that a packet be mailed to you.

Follow-Up Letter

Send a thank you to any new member, new dentist, or non-member that attended your event. This letter is specifically for a non-member but can be tweaked slightly to accommodate a variety of audiences.

Speaker Confirmation Letter

When planning a CE course, send a confirmation letter to your speaker to confirm details and request additional needs.

Speaker Thank You Lertter

The day of the course, present a thank you letter to the speaker with a CE certificate indicating he/she presented the program, the honorarium (if applicable) and a reimbursement form (if applicable).

Continuing Education Certificate

Use this template to create CE certificates for course attendees.

Continuing Education Brochure

Need to advertise your upcoming continuing education program? This CE brochure provides a basic template for promoting your society's CE efforts.

Reimbursement Form

This spreadsheet can be used for any member/volunteer requesting reimbursement for goods/services/travel done on behalf of the society and also given to speakers if the society is reimbursing their travel costs.