PDA has drafted a wide range of sample letters, customizable for each component society. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the resource list below, please contact PDA's membership department at (717) 234-5941 for assistance.

Welcome Letter

Send this letter to all new members of your local society within three weeks of their confirmed membership. You also may edit this letter slightly and send to renewed members who have not previously been a member for three or more years.

Please Renew Letter

On March 30, each local society receives a membership list from PDA (sent to the secretary). This list will indicate which individuals are non-renews. Use this letter to encourage their renewal.

Membership Participation Survey & Letter

A great way to remind your membership that you are working for them is to send out a survey. This particular survey asks for their meeting preferences, social event preferences and perceptions on volunteering in your organization. A letter to accompany the survey also is available for download. 

Request for Volunteers 

Use this letter if you are searching for members to fill vacant volunteer positions within your society.


Many local societies have the desire to produce a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly newsletter, but find the design and print cost of outsourcing a publication to be too high. This do-it-yourself template is designed in Microsoft Word, allowing anyone to quickly plug in a few stories and some key information and have a completed newsletter! Copy and send to your members, or consider sending it electronically.

Event Follow-Up Letter

Send a thank you to any new member, new dentist, or non-member that attended a local event. Check with PDA to see if there are any special dues incentives available that you could include in a letter to non-members. This letter is specifically for a non-member but can be tweaked slightly to accommodate a variety of audiences.