Small Business Advantage Grant Program

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is now accepting new applications for the Pennsylvania Small Business Advantage Grant Program, which provides 50 percent reimbursement matching grants, up to $9,500, for small businesses in the Commonwealth to adopt or acquire equipment or processes that promote energy efficiency or pollution prevention.  Well-designed energy efficiency or pollution prevention projects can encourage the growth of the energy infrastructure, allowing businesses to cut costs while simultaneously protecting the environment. 

The projects annual savings must be at least 25 percent of the system being replaced, or 25 percent of the business’ energy consumption or pollution output.  The project must save $500 in addition to the 25 percent.  Only project costs incurred on or after July 25, 2016 will be eligible with the exception of a deposit to hold a project price or contractor’s commitment.  Grants will be awarded based on the application post marked date, date stamp for hand delivered applications, or date deficiency documents received, whichever is later. 

The following projects are not eligible for the Advantage Grant Program:
  • Window and through-wall air conditioning units
  • Outdoor wood furnaces or outdoor wood boilers and stoves
  • No vending or coin operated machines
  • Waste or recycling dumpsters
  • Transportation containers
  • Composting receptacles
  • Thermostats
  • Weather related projects including roofing, siding, windows, doors and insulation/air sealing
  • Used or refurbished equipment

Funding is limited and applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received until the appropriated grant monies have been depleted.  At that point, applications will be put on a waitlist in the event additional funding becomes available during the fiscal year.  Each application will be reviewed “as-is,” and will be returned to the applicant if the application is deficient or missing requested information. Applications may now be submitted.

To see if you qualify for the Small Business Advantage Grant Program, obtain more information about the program or obtain any grant application materials, click here.

Any questions or concerns regarding eligibility should be directed to the Small Business Ombudsman’s Office by email at or phone at 717-705-5400, prior to submitting an application.