Waste Management Guidelines

To assist dentists and their staffs in the proper handling and disposal of wastes, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) has developed its Waste Management Guidelines. This publication helps dental office personnel identify products that contain hazardous materials and properly handle the wastes generated during office procedures.

As addressed in the guidelines, PDA recommends the reduction and recycling of hazardous and infectious wastes. PDA also strongly encourages source reduction or recycling as preferred waste management practices; proper disposal is appropriate when recycling is not possible. A list of recyclers in Pennsylvania, the Waste Handler Quick Reference Card, is available for download as a PDF file.

To help you and your staff properly dispose of amalgam waste for recycling, the EIC developed an Amalgam Waste Flow Chart. The EIC encourages you to print and display the flow chart in a common area where all staff can refer to it easily and often. 

If you have a specific waste management question, call (717) 234-5941 or send an email.