PDA Statement on Racial Injustice

The Pennsylvania Dental Association’s Statement on Racial Injustice is the result of the work of our Diversity Inclusion Task Force (DITF), a subcommittee of the Membership Committee. 

In addition to our statement, to demonstrate that all PDA members are valued and to provide a supportive environment, DITF developed and approved the following definition of diversity that has been unanimously adopted by the PDA Board of Trustees:

PDA defines diversity of members, leaders and the public through many dimensions, including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin, dental degree, gender identity, career phase, physical abilities/qualities, sexual orientation, parental status, socio-economic status, religious and ideological beliefs, professional practice choices, geographic practice setting, and personal lifestyle preferences.

We aspire to develop and sustain the culture and reputation of the PDA as an organization that values and nurtures diversity and inclusiveness in our leadership, membership and the communities that we serve.