The Fifth District Dental Society

This website is maintained by volunteer webmaster Dr. David R. Larson.

2017 Officers

President: John Grimes
President Elect: GL Hamm
Vice President: John Grimes
Treasurer: Andy Gould

District Annual Meetings

The following is a list of the scheduled dates for the Fifth District’s annual meetings. Please ensure that your local meetings do not conflict per the Bylaws.

October 5, 2018

PDA Leadership Conference

A PDA Leadership Conference was held in July 2012. This conference was for district and local presidents and presidents-elects or other designated officers. This year, discussion centereed a new format for leadership governance. PDA will provided support for one president-elect from any local or district. Much of the discussion centered around teh concept contained in the book  "Race for Relevance"  5 RAdical Changes for Associations by Ms. Mary Byers. The meeting also included all members of the Governance Task Force and the Board of Trustees.   

Fifth Distict By-laws and Constitution and Proposed Bylaws Changes

The 2010 Fifth District Annual meeting is the most recent time any 5th bylaws changes were voted upon and adopted. Use the link below to view our current bylaws.

Fifth Bylaws and Constitution - Current