Get Involved!

Advance the Dental Profession

There is no better way to support the dental profession than becoming actively involved in your PDA membership. PDA members can get involved in many ways, including donating supplies to a local clinic, providing treatment to a needy child or joining a PDA committee, task force or initiative to help achieve the goals of organized dentistry.

By getting involved, PDA members become more aware of the pertinent issues facing the dental profession and help advance the profession. Get involved today!


Advocate for issues facing both PDA and the dental profession, particularly in the areas of legislation, regulation and membership. 

PADPAC gives financial contributions to those candidates for state office who are supportive of organized dentistry’s legislative goals. 

Grassroots Network
Become a contact dentist for your legislators. Learn how to effectively lobby your legislators to benefit your profession. 

The Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health
This coalition is comprised of a diverse group of leaders from across the state, whose goal is to advance practices and policies that increase access to oral health services and prevention education especially for our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians.


PDA encourages its members to get involved through volunteer efforts both in their local communities and statewide.

National Children’s Dental Health Month
Join PDA in raising awareness about the importance of oral health to children in Pennsylvania during NCDHM each February. 

Access to Care Resources
Start a program in your community that will improve access to dental care.

Members Making a Difference
Many PDA members selflessly volunteer their time and talents to promote good oral health to the public. Learn about some of their outreach efforts.


Consider becoming active on one of the various groups created by PDA to address its members' and the public's needs.

Special Task Forces
Task forces are created to address time-sensitive issues affecting the dental profession.


PDA members may get involved by donating their time and services, as well as products, equipment, supplies and money for the good of dentistry.

Free and Low-cost Dental Clinics 
PDA members can help individuals lacking adequate access to dental health care by volunteering their time or donating materials to local dental clinics. 

The Pennsylvania Dental Foundation
The Foundation enhances health by providing grants for sustainable programs in education, access to care and assistance for Pennsylvania dentists and their families in need. 

Get a Member Get One Hundred
Help PDA increase its market share of dentists in Pennsylvania by sponsoring a new member! When sponsoring a new member, you’ll not only be contributing to your professional association, but you’ll receive $100 as thanks for your efforts!