PADPAC Candidates Questions

Is giving PAC money the equivalent of buying a vote?
No. PAC money is used to educate legislators about our issues. Just because a legislator receives a contribution does not guarantee a vote.

What is the position of the PADPAC board concerning funding for candidates who are dentists?
While PADPAC does want to promote dentist candidates, it is important to note that just because a dentist is a candidate does not mean he or she will receive an a contribution from PADPAC. The PADPAC board reviews every candidate’s credentials.

How can I support PADPAC when it funds candidates for whom I disagree?
PADPAC concerns itself with the voting record a candidate has on dental issues. Even if you disagree on other issues, all members should support PADPAC in order to help improve the dental profession.

How can I find out which candidates PADPAC is supporting?
Please contact the government relations department and we will bring you up to speed quickly. (717) 234-5941 or

What criteria does PADPAC use when basing its decision on supporting candidates?
The PADPAC board and PDA’s lobbyists decide who should receive PAC dollars based upon a variety of factors, including a candidate's committee or leadership position, a supportive voting record and general concern for our profession. PADPAC contributors are encouraged to suggest candidates that PADPAC should consider supporting.