PADPAC General Questions

What is PADPAC?
PADPAC is the Pennsylvania Dental Association’s (PDA) political action committee. PADPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated group of dentists who support PDA’s legislative activities. These committed individuals give financial contributions to provide PDA the access needed to discuss issues of importance to the dental profession with state elected officials, members of the Governor's administration and candidates for state office.

Why does PDA have a PAC?
PADPAC allows PDA to provide financial support to candidates who support our profession, develop long-lasting relationships with decision makers, maintain a level playing field with competitors and gives PDA members the opportunity to bring a strong, collective voice to legislators. We are far stronger and more effective together than we are acting alone.

Why should I contribute to PADPAC?
Due to the combined strength of our members who contribute, PADPAC has achieved many legislative and regulatory successes including:

  • PASSED legislation that expands the scope of practice for expanded function dental assistants to include some hygiene functions performed under dentists’ direct supervision.
  • DEFEATED legislation that would have required dentists to submit proof of having paid taxes before renewing their dental license, threatening their livelihood if the state made mistakes processing this information.
  • AMENDED legislation to exempt dentists from being required to wear photo identification (ID) badges while working in a health care facility or private practice.

Every contribution, large or small, helps make PADPAC a stronger and more effective PAC. The more support PADPAC receives, the greater impact we will have on the political process, which, in turn, has an enormous impact on your profession and business.

How does PADPAC protect my profession and my business?

PADPAC helps protect your profession and business by keeping you informed of issues that impact you and your profession. We help you strategize and pursue the most effective course of action. We meet with legislators and their staff members to educate and persuade them of why your issues are important.

Why do candidates need our support?

The cost of running for office has become increasingly expensive. Candidates use PAC dollars toward many aspects of campaigning, including developing printed materials, purchasing advertising time and paying staff. Consider this: In the 2008 presidential election, over $1.6 billion was raised for presidential candidates.

Is PADPAC affiliated with any political party?
No. PADPAC is not affiliated with any party. We are not Democrat or Republican. PADPAC supports candidate who have indicated or demonstrated that they are pro-dentistry and are sensitive to the issues that directly affect us. We educate those who don't yet support us so the door remains open for them to join with us.

How can I get involved?
PADPAC involvement can take the form of a monetary commitment or a commitment of one’s time. With an ever-changing political climate, both forms of commitment are needed. Contact PDA’s government relations staff at (717) 234-5941 to get involved.