Eating and drinking foods and beverages that are good for you will help keep your body healthy, including your teeth and gums. But, every time you eat or drink something with sugar, the sugary acids attack your teeth for at least 20 minutes. Each bite or sip brings on another acid attack. Repeat attacks can lead to cavities.

To keep your smile and body healthy, it's recommended you eat a variety of foods from the five major food groups, including:
  • Grains, such as cereal, bread, rice and pasta.
  • Dairy, such as milk, yogurt and cheese.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Meat/chicken/fish.

Try to limit snacking between meals, and when you do need a snack, avoid sugary snacks such as chips, candy and cookies. Instead, choose nutritious snacks such as fruit, raw vegetables, cheese, yogurt or other snacks that are low in sugar.

Stop the Pop!

Soda is often referred to as "liquid candy" and is extremely harmful to teeth. Limit soda consumption whenever possible. For more information, visit PDA's Stop the Pop section.


It's important to brush and floss your teeth each day to remove build-up. Learn about proper brushing and flossing techniques.