Smile Smarts! Curriculum

Helping children develop good oral health habits to last a lifetime.

Start Teaching Smile Smarts!

The American Dental Association (ADA) created Smile Smarts!, an oral health curriculum for preschool through grade eight students. It offers flexible, modular lesson plans, support materials, hands-on classroom demonstrations, student activity sheets and suggestions for further oral health activities.

Smile Smarts! Curriculum

Ages 4 - 7
Shining Smiles! helps children understand the importance of their teeth, how to keep teeth clean and healthy and introduces the dentist as a friendly doctor who helps them take care of their smile.

Second - Third Grade
A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles! is an engaging classroom lesson that encourages students to think about the importance of their teeth and reinforces dentists' instructions on properly caring for teeth.

Fourth - Sixth Grade
Teeth to Treasure! is a lively classroom lesson reinforcing good oral hygiene habits and instilling in students a sense of responsibility for keeping their teeth healthy and protected.

Seventh - Eighth Grade
Watch Your Mouth! is a dynamic and thought-provoking classroom lesson that shows how informed teens can make smart choices to protect their teeth, including information on mouth piercings and tobacco use.

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