ADA and PDA Reduced Dues Program 
The Graduated Dues Structure

Recent graduates can receive the benefits of ADA and PDA membership without having to pay full dues! As a new dentist, ADA and PDA are crucial to your success. In 2004, a reduced dues program was created to make membership affordable as you begin your career. Once enrolled in the Graduate Dues Structure, you must maintain continuous membership to receive the reduction in dues from year to year. You will not have to pay full dues until the fifth year out of dental school. Please reference Table 1 below for more information on how this program works.

Graduate or Residency Program

If you plan on enrolling in an advanced education program or residency, you can put the reduced dues program on hold. While enrolled in your postdoctoral training program, you are eligible for Graduate Student Dues. You may join the ADA for just $30 a year and PDA for just $25 a year as a graduate student. Once you complete your graduate program, the reduced dues program starts again the following year, right where you left off.

To move into the graduate student membership category, you’ll need to complete a membership application and provide confirmation of advanced program enrollment. Accepted proof of enrollment includes verification from the program director (can verify directly on the application) or by supplying a copy of the completion certificate.

Again, it is important to note you must maintain continuous membership to progress through the Graduated Dues Structure. It is to your advantage to join immediately following dental school and continue your membership thereafter.

Graduated Dues Payment Program Based on Year Out of Dental School or Residency Program (Table 1)

Year Out  ADA  PDA  District/Local 
 1  $0

100% reduction


100% reduction

 2  75% reduction  75% reduction
 2  50% reduction  50% reduction
 4  25% reduction  25% reduction  *
 5  Full Payment  Full Payment  *
*District and local society dues vary, but component societies are encouraged to follow the ADA and PDA dues equity format.