Pennsylvania Oral Health Updates

A legislator’s guide to oral health care issues, provided by the members of PDA.

PDF files of past issues available for download:


Health Practitioner Loan Forgiveness Program
October 2014
This issue focuses on urging legislators to support any legislative proposal to increase funding to the health practitioner loan repayment program and increase the number of program slots available to dentists.


Assignment of Benefits
February 2013
This issue focuses on urging legislators to support SB 520, a measure that will reform Assignment of Benefits in Pennsylvania by eliminating financial burdens and making oral care accessible for patients.


Tax Smokeless Tobacco in Pennsylvania
February 2012
This issues focuses on legislation requiring a tax on smokeless tobacco products as a percentage of wholesale price as a means to discourage the use of all tobacco products.


Children’s OralHealth
December 2011
This issue focuses on children's oral health and the resources and programs available.

Medical Assistance Reforms
October 2011
This issue focuses on the cuts to the MA program and the reforms needed to improve access to care for Pennsylvanians.

The Problem
June 2011
This issue focuses on urging legislators to support HB 532, a measure that will end the discriminatory practice by some insurers to deny general anesthesia coverage.

Urgent Request fromPDA: Restore Funding in the Donated Dental Services Program
April 2011
This issue focuses on urging legislators to restore funding for the Donated Dental Services program.