PDA Position Statements

PDA Supports Pennsylvania’s Health Practitioner Loan Forgiveness Program
PDA supports legislative efforts to increase funding in the Department of Health’s health practitioner loan forgiveness program.

PDA’s Commitment to Improving Access to Dental Care
PDA partners with the public and community officials to improve access to dental care for Pennsylvanians.

PDA Supports Insurance Coverage for General Anesthesia Administered to ChildrenSeven and Younger and Special Needs Patients
PDA supports a requirement for insurers to provide adequate coverage when treating young children and special-needs patients.

PDA Supports Patient Identification Markings on Dentures and OrthodonticAppliances 
PDA supports a requirement that dentists and laboratories provide patient identification markings on dentures and most orthodontic appliances to assist with the identification process during mass disasters.

PDA Supports Statewide Mandate for Community Water Fluoridation
Legislation would ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to fluoride, an important preventative measure to combat tooth decay.

PDA Supports Healthy Beverages in Schools
PDA policy promotes healthy beverages options in Pennsylvania schools.