Members Making a Difference

Christianville Dental Clinic Image 

Dr. Steven Moriconi volunteers at the Christianville Dental Clinic in Gressier, Haiti. His first trip to the small Haitian town was shortly after the devastating earthquake in 2010. He will be making his third trip there in 2013. Dr. Moriconi also is sponsoring Joel Vixama, a Haitian medical student whom he met during his first trip to Haiti. Dr. Moriconi is helping Joel return to medical school in the Dominican Republic to continue his education and develop his skills. He met other Haitian medical and dental students whose education was interrupted due to the earthquake destroying their schools.

This experience inspired him to establish a non-profit foundation, Men Anpil, Creol for "Many Hands." The organization’s mission is to provide funding for Haitian students to attend advanced professional schools both within and outside Haiti. The goal is to seek out Haitian students who will train in medicine and dentistry and return to Haiti to provide health care.