Component Resource Center

Need help with event or CE promotion? Want to increase volunteer interest in your district or local society? You've come to the right place.

PDA staff and district/local society leadership work together to identify membership needs, address areas of improvement and achieving membership goals. Please contact Sarah Adams, Component Relations Manager, or call (800) 223-0016 with any questions or to learn more about available resources. 

Your District/Local Society can be award-winning with the Presidential Citation - it's within your reach!

The Presidential Citation program began in 2020 with great success. District and local dental societies that accomplished certain tasks related to PDA's strategic plan are the recipients. The Presidential Citation is awarded based on activities completed January 1-November 1 of the current calendar year

Learn about the Presidential Citation Process and Awards, then complete your Presidential Citation Submission Form

Who will be this year's recipients?

2022 Award Winners

2021 Award Winners
The Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County received the Platinum Award.
The Dental Society of Western PA received the Platinum Award.
Montgomery Bucks Dental Society received the Platinum Award.
Philadelphia County Dental Society received the Platinum Award.

2020 Award Winners

The Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County received both the Gold and Palladium Awards.
Montgomery Bucks Dental Society received the Platinum and Palladium Awards.
Scranton District Dental Society received the Platinum and Palladium Awards.

Program Assistance

District and local dental society leaders can work with PDA staff to promote and coordinate social or CE programs. There are a variety of assistance options available: mass email promotion, online registration through PDA’s website and CE course materials. Services are available for minimal fees. 
View the Program Assistance Request Form for more details on the services offered.


IRS Audit Information

As a result of a random IRS audit of one of our local dental societies, we have developed some guidelines for all of our component societies to follow.

Membership Advertisements

If your society publishes a digital or hardcopy newsletter for your membership, consider reinforcing the power of membership by using PDA’s complimentary advertisements to fill any extra ad space you may have. Or, post the ads on social media. PDA staff also can create a personalized ad for your component featuring members from your society, free of charge.

Private Group on the PDA Social Network

Each district and local society has the opportunity to have its own "group" on the social network (SoNet). Groups are linked to the PDA member database, so only your local society members will be included in the group. Some features of private groups are:

  • The ability to mass email all of your members (with current email addresses) through one main customizable email address, for example:
  • Discussion forums where your members can communicate with one another on specific local issues.
  • A private library, for posting meeting materials or other resources for your members.
  • A group directory showing a complete listing of group members.



Event Resource Center

If you’re planning a meeting, CE course or social event, the Event Resource Center  provides you with a guide to coordinating the event and other materials to help with preparation.

Sample emails

PDA offers are variety of sample emails to help your society connect with members. Samples include a welcome email and a thank you for renewing email.

Recruitment and Retention Reference Manual

If your society is interested in focusing on membership recruitment and retention, check out this digital guide that includes a list of general recommendations as well as specific recruitment and retention ideas and timeframes.

Logo Creation or Redesign

Does your society logo need a makeover? Or maybe your society doesn’t have a logo? If so, PDA’s talented communications staff is available to refresh your logo or create a new one at no charge. Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion. Contact Sarah Adams at (800) 223-0016 to begin this process.

Quarterly Membership Roster

PDA provides district and local society leaders with an up-to-date membership roster on March 30, June 30, September 30 and December 30 yearly.
Check out the Quarterly Roster Overview for more details and tips on using these rosters.

Society Resources

These bi-monthly emails are sent to component society leaders. The emails share details about component resources offered by PDA as well as recruitment and retention tips.