July 8, 2016
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How to Choose Your Dentist

One of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your oral health is choosing a dentist. With a variety of choices, deciding the right fit may be a difficult task. With that in mind, Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) is here to provide resources to aid your decision process. 

PDA’s website (www.padental.org) is a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. Specifically, right on the homepage is a link to a section called “Find a Dentist.” The page then contains a search option where there are multiple ways to find a PDA member dentist in your area. You can search by name, company, city or zip code. There is also the option of selecting a specialty such as Endodontics or Pediatric Dentistry. 

Once you complete your search, you may be wondering what criteria to use to determine which dentist is the right fit. A few qualities you may want to consider are:
  • The location of the practice and hours that are convenient for your schedule.
  • Making sure that preventative care is a top priority.
  • The office has an emergency contact if the need arises after office hours. 
  • Your medical record should be available for you to review at any point with your dentist or member of the dental team. 
It is important to consider whether a dentist is a member of PDA, since the mission of the association puts a strong emphasis on serving the public, improving their health, and providing the best care possible. Dr. Tamara Brady, a PDA member dentist in Exton, said, “As a PDA member I make my patients' needs a priority. I know I am expected to uphold the standards that the ADA and PDA have set forth for the profession. The biggest compliment we receive is the referral of a new patient to our practice.”

We hope that with the help of these tools, you’re able to find a reliable local dentist that meets your needs and provides high quality oral care. 
About the Pennsylvania Dental Association
Founded in 1868, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) is comprised of approximately 6,000 member dentists. It is a constituency of the American Dental Association (ADA), the largest and oldest national dental society in the world. PDA’s mission is to improve the public health, promote the art and science of dentistry and represent the interests of its member dentists and their patients. PDA is the voice of dentistry in Pennsylvania. Learn more about PDA.