Credit Card Processing

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PDA endorsed since 2020
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Endorsed by 45 state dental associations, including PDA, Best Card offers great rates and unparalleled personalized customer service for credit card processing. Thousands of dentists save an average of $6,496 or 27% annually on payment processing when they sign up with Best Card.

PDA members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement for a no-obligation analysis to see what Best Card could help save. Simply upload your statement to, email to, or send via fax (866) 717-7247 to request a cost comparison today.

Best Card offers a wide range of processing solutions designed for dental practices. From standalone terminals to online and mobile solutions, and options for posting payments into your dental software, you’ll find that Best Card is just a phone call away with years of experience helping offices just like yours. Call (877) 739-3952 to learn more!